Wondrous castles in the sand

... Stringers visit fantabulous beach architecture

by Louise Fennell and Norma Staples

I was up all night July 22nd and decided to text my friend, Louise, at 4:30 am to ask if she would be interested in going to see some sand sculptures at Revere Beach. She said yes and off we trotted to Revere. We arrived at 7:30 am. Great. No crowds. We didn't even think of the sun beating down on our heads.
Below are some pictures of a selection of the sculptures.

"Sound Waves" by Sandis Kondrats  from Latvia

"Encroachment" by Lucinda Wierenga from South Padre Island, Texas

"Peace of Mind" by Rusty Crost from Carmel, CA

"Moving In" by Wilfred Stijer from Holland

"Step Up" by Walter Mc Donald from South Island, Texas

"The Waste Land" by Chris Guinto" from Key West, Fl

"Imprinted" by Sue Mc Grew from Tacoma, WA

"Who's This"

"Boston Strong" by Sandi "castle" Stirling and Raymond Poirier

August 2, 2023

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