Whole Foods opens -- and sparkles!

... First impressions: A fun place to shop, but high pricces

from Don Norris

The newly installed "Whole Foods Market" -- which replaces an aging "Johnnies" on
upper Main Street -- opened late in July to a raucous crowd of shoppers.

First impressions: Fabulous, but prices are high. Bright, shinning new store, modern
fixtures, totally new physical layout, working folks greeting customers like old
friends -- all together caused patrons to say "Wow! -- This is a fun place."

It is a startling experience to see -- a well-laid out floor plan, plenty of color,
ample variety all easily accessible, a nice selection of hot dinner items to scoop up
and take home. Late on Thursday, the day after the opening ceremonies (called
"breaking the bread" rather than a ribbon-cutting). the store was still jammed with

August 2, 2013

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