It's 1:01pm Thursday -- berry pickin' time

... everybody goes there, but nobody sees it.

from Don Norris

We are in Melrose, as you can tell (not from the berries) from the big clock on City Hall tower. The assignment was for Louise Fennell's "Have you been there" -- a program now a regular on MMTV.

It seems the SilverStringers have expanded their horizons, added a few dudes who are mainly interested in moving pictures rather that those many stills we get from this Stringer. But that's okay, each to his own.

Louise needed some background photos, a typical Melrose scene, for her introduction to the group's next MMTV production. She asked if I could shoot some stills on City Hall -- and being an enterprising gent, I brought along an aging movie camera -- now referred to as a digital movie camera.

It rained that Thursday, but I managed to get downtown for Louise's needs. Even though there was virtually no sunshine, I usually can commit fraud with Adobe  Photoshop -- to brighten up photos you see in the Melrose Mirror. But I was taken by the mid-summer blossoming tree near the Essex Street entrance -- and after some small study, came up with this photo, meant to be part of Louises' package. Not so, too far-fetched for her movie -- so, what the heck, I chose to use it in the Mirror.

If nothing else, it is an interesting picture.

September 6, 2013

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