Close-ups down to Gloucester

... what (I believe) is the real beauty in this New England seacoast town

from Don Norris

Gloucester is a fun place to visit. Not just once, but multi-visits. In
fact, my wife and I go there at least once a summer -- for the past 62
years. It's that good.

Most of the building originated in the 1800's -- and "Dogtown", a small
original community plumb on the top of the island -- is about the only
place where there are no buildings -- you have to use your imagination (and
the guidebooks) to realize what early life was like 300 years ago.

To get to the "Manufactory" one has to drive around the harbor to a small
peninsula called Rocky Neck -- which is today a thriving art colony.

Pilings and reflections are everywhere.

Deep sea fishing boats come with regularity. It seems that this thriving
small seaport town has three major industries today -- its fishing fleet, a
spectacular artists' colony, and now, with all its glowing history, it is a
major tourist mecca.

Reflections speak for themselves. They are something an artist can

... and then there is the architecture, the patterns and forms brought to
us by architects years and years ago. The beauty of form, and repetition
... it is almost a study of rectangles and triangles, a grand artistic

There is plenty of room for the wealthy too, but not quite enough of it for
a golf course in East Gloucester. The clubhouse will have to do.

Only a few hundred feet separate these two multi-family units. I'm not sure
if the birds understand what all that architecture is about.

That is Lorry Norris, a Melrose resident for over 60 years, a graduate of
Simmons, mother of three, nurse to the sick, and loving wife. In

This fellow, I assume, is a tourist from New York (I recognize the accent)
who studied Gloucester Harbor for several minutes, then snapped the shutter
once and went on his way. I believe, on that day, that I took about 100
pix, then coupled them with the hundreds I have shot in Gloucester over the
past half century.

How's this for a classic picture: Two different blues, a bit of faded
green, spottled white and a dash of rust-red. Add some form and you have a
classic photo of what Gloucester is all about.

And finally, we have a photo of a shop window -- in the "other" Gloucester.
It is the commercial end of town, quaint, attractive, ample seafood
restaurants, lots of entertainment. I love this town.

Don Norris

September 6, 2011

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