A day at Brooksby Farm

...  A Fall destination -- nearby Peabody -- on a nice September day.

from Rita Mucera

Autumn is in the air and the magic of Brooksby Farm heralds its return--a
perfect time to discover the myriad of attractions in this vast bucolic
land nestled in the heart of the North Shore.

The farm, profusely lined with apple orchards, ready for picking,
surrounds the various highlights of the area. While being greeted by
artfully designed pumpkins of all sizes and friendly straw dolls, your
senses are inebriated by the aroma of hot apple cider and delectable cider
donuts next to an array of succulent fruits and a wide variety of
wonderful vegetables.

A resplendent fusion of color in flower pots, second only to a Monet
painting, leads you to a sea of pumpkins in all sizes where children can
frolic--creating a wonderful opportunity for photo sessions.

The ostriches are a must-see attraction, delighting young and old,
watching them playfully show off their plumage to the admiring fans.

Picnic tables as well as wagon rides are available, where you can savor
some magical carefree moments, when the only decision of the day is: what
size of pumpkin to purchase.

See you at Brooksby Farm - enjoy it all at no charge.

Lots of animals for the kids to feed -- a huge llama, a pony, turkeys,
chickens of all sorts ... it is an interesting place, a working farm in
the middle of suburbia.

September 6, 2013

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