Melrose on the move

... enjoyment in exercise

by Shirley Rabb

“Breath”; “Stand tall”. These are familiar words from Kay Danieli who leads senior exercise classes at the “Y”,
at the Milano Center and at the Cefalo Senior housing in Melrose.


Kay has been living in Melrose for 50 years and conducting classes at the “Y” for 35 years, at the Milano Center
for 15 years and at the Cefalo housing for 12 years. This is a four day a week job for Kay, who does it really

At the end of November in 2012, Kay took some time off to have a knee replacement. She was back to work by March
of 2013 and she is going strong at 72 years young.

Many of Kay’s students have been with her for many of those 35 years and they keep coming back for more. These
are not sitting in your chair classes (although some of the drills are just that).


There is always music to stimulate the members and Kay’s encouraging leadership makes it a joy as members move
to the music. Jazz, opera, oldies, rock and two steps are alternated to the different types of
exercise that Kay has in her head.


It’s leg stretches and shoulder shrugs; it’s moving the hips and waist and it’s dancing. It is weight lifting
and elastic stretching and having fun while getting healthy.


It is seniors from ages 51 to 92 joining in the celebration of exercise with an instructor that makes it a happy
hard working hour. “Breath”; Stand tall”, “Do what you can”, “Hold on to the chair if you have to”. Always aware
of safety, always aware of camaraderie among the members, always aware of the joy of senior exercise Kay
includes all of these in her classes.

She actually has made exercise fun!

October 4, 2013

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