Random Thoughts


... another diary entry from Elsie Coosh

by Carol Nelson

"Elsie" the Conure Parrot
Photo by Carole Tate

This morning we had breakfast in bed together: slices of banana, orange
and melon, served in our favorite blue pottery bowl. Yum! Afterwards I perched on her shoulder for a long time until she scratched my head. Bliss! I've been moulting lately and a little cranky. C'est la vie.

I have been catching up on my reading this morning. Every day there is a
fresh copy of The Metro on the bottom of my cage. It keeps me abreast of the latest news. I especially like to check out my horoscope. I'm a Leo, of course. Today it read "You will be eager to try something new or enjoy the company of someone refreshing and eccentric." Fat chance. Ciao!

October 4, 2013

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