Photo proof: There WAS a record turnout ...

... Victorian Fair entertains some ten thousand visitors

from Don Norris

That handsome granite building (beyond the three pretty young ladies) is the new TD Bank -- which for eons (it seems) was the home of the Melrose Savings Bank. Nevertheless, most of Main Street has changed hands numerous times -- traditional places like the Army-Navy, Mrs. Jones' ladies apparel, the Five and Ten, Rexall and Stearns and Hills pharmacies, the Buick dealership, Ruderman's furniture. We could go on forever, but the outcome of change is keeping up with the times. And that's pretty much what Melrose does ...

Trucks, vans and SUVs arrived shortly after that 9:00 a.m. pre-opener.

At 12:30 sharp the mayor officially announced the opening of the Melrose Victorian Fair, sponsored and produced by the Chamber of Commerce.

People suddenly appeared by the hundreds, then the thousands ...

Curiosity was rampant, for there were endless tents to visit.

Poking along Main Street for two blocks took several hours for most fair visitors.

"Whadda ya got here?" a patron asks.

Babies arrive in all sorts of conveyances -- including dad's backpack.

Time out for a photo -- two young ladies in lovely new finery.

The Health Department was promoting (what else?) good health, but there seemed to be a glitch in their banner.

"Stick 'em up!", a local gets a flu shot at the doctors' tent.

She was a sketch!

Main Street was packed with people -- until the whistle blew at 4:00pm.

October 4, 2013

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