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History lesson: Football teams, 1949 and 1950

... Boston Herald artwork from six decades ago

from James Brophy

At the October 16th meeting the Silverstringers received the following letter from Jim Brophy of South Yarmouth, Massachusetts:

"I get a lot of pleasure reading the Melrose Mirror each month. The articles bring back many memories of people and places that I knew growing up. I have not lived in Melrose for over 50 years, but still consider it home. My Daughter lives in the house I grew up in.

"I would like to add two more football team pictures. The 1949 team had the potential for a great season. We won one, tied four, and lost four. The four lost was the result of a few bad plays. We had four key players lost for the season, Tom Holden with a serious head injury, Charlie Holden to a kidney injury, Russell "Coppy" Kidd with a broken leg in practice, and Richard "Herky" Kennefic with bad knees that he wanted to keep healthy for hockey. Coppy and Herky were the best all around athletes of that time.

"Also, in a recent article Jack Driscoll wrote about the games on Upham Street, he mentioned Chuckie Robinson was killed on "D Day."

Chuckie was a neighbor on East Foster Street and was in the Marines in the Pacific. After the war was over he was on Okinawa waiting for passge home when he drowned. Many of your readers will remember his sister Rita working in the High School office."

Jim Brophy
S. Yarmouth, MA

November 1, 2013  








































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