Unusual results in lady's garden ...

... fragile blossoms of bright blue

from the SilverStringers

I was cruising along on my motorbike one sunny day recently, following a lonesome road along the north bank of Merrimac River -- in the town of West Newbury, when I came across a lovely Cape Cod home that was surrounded with a beautiful lawn and gardens that were sure to knock one's eye out. Just gorgeous.

There, adjacent to the drive on the sunny side, was a very unusual plant. In chatting with the owner -- a lovely lady who obviously had a green thumb -- I asked her about her strange plant that produced long, sharp, pointed stalks. Most unusual about this plant was its fruit -- bright blue, glassy-looking blooms that reminded me of, well, of beer bottles.

I have to interject here to say that, across the country road in front of her home, was a large field, and in that field I counted something like  fifteen huge (get this) buffaloes! I mean, this is not Arizona, not North Dakota. Granted, we were scant miles from New Hampshire, but BUFFALOES in the Bay State???

It turns out that the glassy blue blooms were, in fact, blue beer bottles from which the labels had been removed. Each of these 'blossoms' had been impaled on one of the pointy stalks.

The result was a booming plant of vivid green and deep rich blue, the likes of which I had never seen before. But there they were, glistening in the afternoon sun.

A week or so later my wife and I cruised along this old road -- not on the motorcycle, for she won't get on one -- but in the family SUV. I surprised her with my recent discovery, but she is sharp as a tack and recognized my blue-blossomed plant right away. She gave it a Mexican name, and told me that the blossoms were a special edition put out recently by the Budweiser beer maker. She wasn't fooled.

And it turns out that the buffaloes across the street were pets of the neighbor farmer, a Mr. Kimball who likewise raises, beside buffaloes, llamas.

You just can't tell what you'll find when you go out back-roading on your motorcycle.

October 4, 2013

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