Just daydreaming

... I was just sitting

by Betty Rossi

The other day, I sat down and did nothing. Nothing at all. Not a thing. Nada. I didn't read. I didn't do a crossword. I didn't text. I just sat. Chin on fists, elbows on table. Wasn't writing for the Mirror or to my cousins. Wasn't looking at photos. Wasn't crocheting. I wasn't trying to kill time. Wasn't doing my nails or thinking about recipes. Just thinking. Daydreaming a little. Looking out the window. Remembering friends who have passed on. Thinking about the leaves that have already started to turn orange.

My granddaughter said, "Grammy, what are you doing? When I told her, "Nothing", she said, "How come? You have to be doing something!" I said, "Nope. Just doing nothing. Just sitting here, thinking." She rolled her eyes, as if to say, "oh, brother!".

I guess I have to stand up and do something. Just felt like daydreaming for a while.

October 4, 2013

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