Casa's Lament

...just think about it

By Casa

Hi, I think most of you know me.  I have been living in Melrose for 10 years and writing for the Mirror since 2003.

I have traveled all over the United States and even Canada with my parents. I find Melrose to be a nice place but some of my friends are a bit disturbed at the way some Melrosians behave.

As you know, many of my friends, poodles, greyhounds, golden retrievers etc. are embarrassed on their daily walks. My parents, I have two; one that remembers and one that seems not to remember any more. Well anyway, when I go out for my walks my parent that remembers always, always takes two or three disposable bags for me. (Humans call them poop bags.) Some of my friends have parents or dog walkers that come into the category of my parent that forgets.

The humans, Melrose people just do not seem to care about their pets feelings regarding removal of poop, if you would. I have seen leftovers on grass, sidewalks and gutters. I know my friends scents so we talk when we meet each other while walking.They are angry and embarrassed that their parents or walkers leave behind the tell tail signs of their movements.

As I mentioned I have travelled a great deal and not witnessed this lack of courtesy in other places.

I like Melrose, second to Maine, but I am getting to be unhappy with some of the humans who do not like it as much as my parents and I do.

If you, as a human are among these offenders or see someone who is, call the animal control people and let them know that they are causing their pets to be embarrassed.

You use special containers for bottles and paper; maybe we now need some POOP CONTAINERS Too.

November1, 2013

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