Walk around, look around. Where are we?

... quiz, quiz, quiz: How well do you know our town?

from the SilverStringers

It's just a new view of a familiar site. It was, in its original incarnation, a high school, then a grammar school, and finally, today, it provides living quarters for Melrose folks. Furthermore, it is named after a long-gone President of the United States.

Question: In what year was it replaced with the construction of a brand new high school?

Answer: The buildings you see here are the Coolidge Apartments, with parts of the First Baptist Church in the foreground; the camera is pointed north. The Coolidge School served as a high school until 1933 when it was replaced with a new building on the new Lynn Fells Parkway, opposite Ell Pond.

If you recognize the scene, reward yourself with coffee and a donut at Honey Dew Donuts, right next to the Liberty Bell restaurant on Main Street.

December 6, 2013

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