A part of the season

... a day to remember

by Shirley Rabb

It was quiet at Breakheart today. There are women with children, and a dog at the play area.

The blues and green of the climbing wall and dinosaur steps were offset by the gold of the trees.

A gentle breeze filled the air with falling leaves. The ground was a colorful painting with orange, reds and turning brown leaves.


The evergreen trees played second fiddle to the maple and oak trees as they displayed their fall fashions.

It won’t be long before only the greens will dominate to prove they are the stronger winter survivors.

I listened and heard the wind, and I watched the leaves falling creating a patchwork blanket on the ground.


Only when the carriages were pushed across the grass, or the children running, could I hear the leaves rustle under foot.

The sky is azure blue spotted with soft white clouds, and the sun is keeping a glow on the scene.

It has been half an hour and the children have left leaving me with the breathtaking colors of Breakheart.

November 1, 2013

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