Random Thoughts


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by Carol Nelson

"Elsie" the Conure Parrot
Photo by Carole Tate

I awoke at the usual early hour of 6:00 a.m. and alerted S.W.M.B.T. immediately, by saying "Good morning!" She fussed a bit, yawned and uncovered my cage. She opened the curtains and I was shocked to see how dark it still was.

She stumbled to the kitchen to get me fresh water, fill my seed cup and add a slice of orange for my breakfast. She changed the Metro from the bottom of my cage, providing new reading material. Then crawled back into bed for a snooze which I feel is un-American. tch tch tch!

I hopped down to a lower perch so I could read my horoscope. What! She put down the wrong page. Really. How inconsiderate. Instead there was a single picture of a man. A young man, his face distorted in anguish amid the rubble of his home and the dead bodies of his wife and children. Why! Why!

November 1, 2013  

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