Random Thoughts

Old Friends

... a change of plans

by Carol Nelson

A dear old friend I have not known long remarked recently that we were "two old warriors." Me? I hesitated to celebrate this statement. Being a woman, some might say "a lady", it did not seem very feminine. I was reminded of a movie, Dustin Hoffman's best, I think, LITTLE BIG MAN.  My favorite scene was the one in which a great and ancient Indian chief decides it is his time to die.

In his full ceremonial garb he struggles up into the hills. He chooses a likely spot under the wide canopy of sky to lie down. He pronounces "It is a good day to die!"

Seconds pass....a minute, before the first, then the second raindrops fall on his weathered face. He rises. He climbs back down the hill.  Maybe tomorrow...tomorrow is a better day to die.

December 6, 2013

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