Retrospect: Halloween in Melrose

... 420 pix of kids and mamas, edited down to, umm, a couple of dozen ...

from Don Norris

There are some assignments I, as a life-long journalist, really look forward to. Such as Halloween and the city-wide invitation the Chamber of Commerce produces, which brings some thousand youngsters to downtown Melrose -- all dressed for the holiday occasion.

This year's program was special in that there were a record number of young ghosts and goblins on Main Street, in spite to the occasional rain. I, filling in as the Mirror's photographer, shot well over 400 frames of young faces and costumes -- unfortunately being a monthly publication, The Mirror missed a more timely publication of these precious faces, but we do extend the Halloween holiday into the Christmas season.

We did manage to persuade the local television station -- MMTV -- into using some 350 of those pictures in a sequence -- like, five seconds each flick, and the half-hour program ran at least twice a week through November.

So here below is a sample of those flicks -- moms, pops, kids, pets, babies, all decked out for Halloween.

Superman and Superwoman strike a pose, only to come to life as the youngsters approach. These 'superpeople' represent the Doctors' Clinic, sponsors of the Halloween program.

Umbrellas and wet hair-does were part of most costumes.

A parking ban was put in to effect, and Main Street, Upham to Grove, was closed to traffic. This fellow got a ticket at about 3p.m.

There must have been close to a thousand youngsters and moms at the Halloween party, which was sponsored by the "Doctor's Clinic". The SilverStringers went home with well over 450 photos.

Prize for the winning smile.

It was a toss-up as to whom enjoyed the party more -- the kids or the parents. It was an outstanding occasion.

Here's the Stringers' choice for best pix...

... but all the children came away with prize money -- in the form of candy.

Here are a couple of outfits that look alarmingly real. They would have earned a prize except they were over the age limit.

For costumes, imaginations ran rampant. There were a lot of old witches among the young people.

Neighbors celebrated "meet and greet".

It appears some older pros got into the action.

You had to enter Whittemore's cave to meet with the old witch -- and get your desserts. It became a popular spot.

Young faces in the crowd ...


Most moms made an effort to "look special".

This old fellow (on foot) resembles the man on stilts. May be.

Ladies' corner.

Balloons, candy, costumes and families ...

He that giveth shall prosper ...

Happy Halloween, everybody.

December 6, 2013

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