Enjoy Autumn shadows while they last

... frost, winter are just around the corner ...

from Don Norris

We -- Lorry and I -- are fortunate that, 55 years ago, we bought a small cape atop the ridge that forms the
southeast corner of Melrose.

We are roughly 200 feet above high tide, or something like 150 feet above the valley floor that is Melrose.

Our small house sits on top of a small rocky knoll on Spear Street -- certainly not the ritzy part of town, but
just great for a couple just out of the Marine Corps, ready to raise a family.

Actually. we didn't come to appreciate the view we commanded until our later years. Like most folks our
generation, we were too busy to search for beautiful sunsets. You know, kids to raise, a job to support, civic

Our small cape faces west, and sits on a rocky ledge with a 30-foot drop beyond our patio rock wall. On the
lower level is a forest of hardwoods, although we can't get down there without going through neighbors' yards.

But the treetops of our lower forest do block a clear view of the Melrose Valley -- and the ridge on the far
side, called Lynn Fells. Unless, of course, we climb the stairs to our second floor and look out the back
bedroom windows. Now that we have discovered that view, we are amazed at what sensational beauty we have before

Especially as the afternoon sun sets over the far ridge -- at which point, in October and November, our world
just bursts in brilliant colors. The treetops, all yellow and red from the changing season, look like they have
been set afire with the brilliant light from the setting sun.

It is amazing. Of course we share that view with everyone who lives on this same ridge. People on Spear Street,
Whitman and Meridian Streets, and the top of Park Street.

Uummm, forgive the analogy, but we know we are just a little way from heaven.

December 6, 2013

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