A quiet time

...and so it was

by Shirley Rabb

It is still today. The silence is overwhelming.

I see the trees and bushes blowing in the breeze so there must be the sound of the wind,
but I cannot hear it.

In the car there is no noise, only a view of the surrounding area.

The lake is dark, almost black as it flows rapidly eastward towards the noonday sun.

The fallen leaves dash across the parking area and along the grass.

The downed tree with roots facing the water’s edge is magical.
I see a pre historic time when this tree stood tall by the lake.

When the leaves changed color in the fall and in the summer the birds came to live in the protection
of the branches clothed in green.

Across the lake the world goes on with passing cars and trucks.
The colors are subdued; gone from reds and yellows to muted gold and browns.

I open the window to take a picture and now I hear the hum of the traffic.
The wind is soft and gentle and it takes my mind away from what I see of the moving world.

I close the window and remember the soft song of the breeze.


And now I see a magnificent heron motionless standing on the grass and I listen to the silence.

December 6, 2013

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