Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

“Fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong” “ Everyone’s out of step but Jim”. Maybe you need to be old to remember these clichés that basically say that I am the one that’s wrong or out of step. I just can’t understand the tremendous interest in golf,  getting out there very early in the morning for an early tee time, so you can hit a ball hundreds of yards and then walking that distance so you can hit it again. This goes on for hours, hitting the ball, walking to it, hitting it again, walking to it, and on and on for 18 holes for more than 72 times. During this long day you are walking about 4 miles, carrying a heavy bag, maybe in rain and, maybe even, sleet and snow. I prefer a short walk around my block and returning to where I started for my exercise. Fishing comes a close second in my lack of understanding, sitting in a boat all day sometimes in the rain OR snow, waiting for a fish to nibble on your bait. Many times the fish is thrown back and never makes the dinner table. Maybe I’m alone in thinking golf and fishing are boring and maybe golfers and fishermen think what I do is boring, i.e.,  painting the house, cleaning  the gutters, cleaning out the garage, washing the car, etc.

January 3 2014

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