Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

Why do they do this to us? I had Cataract Surgery recently and had to take three different eye drops for several
days before the surgery and several weeks after. The names of the drops are Vigamox Moxifloxacin Hydrocloride
(prevents infection), Ketorolac Tromethamine Ophthalmic Solution (Anti-Inflammatory), and Prednisolone Acetate
Ophthalmic (Steroid). Why canít they call it like it is or, at least, put its purpose in parenthesis like I did
above? Other family members had medical conditions called Pityriasisrubra-PRP(Rash), Temporomandibular-TMJ
(dislocated jaw joint), Carpometacarpal (sore thumb). HELLO!!!...WHO comes up with these names???...and
WHY!!!!...Do you think that THEY think that the more fancy the name, the more they can charge for the procedure?
Or, like the 11 ounce pound and the 96 ounce gallon, they just think weíre idiots!!!. Iím waiting to see a
condition called Superfragilisticeexpialidocious  but Iím ready for them..I SAW Mary Poppins!!!..

March 7, 2014

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