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from the SilverStringers

Here is the entire team of "young" Melrosians -- new on at least establishing a club for shooting local scenes and activities, then presenting the near-finished show to MMTV (Melrose Mass Television) -- which turned down not a single one of the half-dozen first efforts.

It is a fun project, inhibited only by aging bodies and a lack of knowledge of how to produce a whole television show. Like the day the group went to Castle Island, in Boston Harbor -- where we interviewed two VIPs. Trouble was, every three minutes a jet plane would take off from Logan International airport, flying about 600 feet over our party. Obviously the entire interview was wiped out, so the group invited the two hosts to the Melrose studio of MMTV. Which worked out just fine.

The group has a half dozen shows in  the bucket, now. And they improve with each new show.

In the picture above, from the left, are SilverStringers involved in the project:Rita, Norma, Geoff, Kay, Flo and Project boss, Louise Fennell. One other worker is Don Norris, who took this photo.

December 6, 2013

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