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from the SilverStringers

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- December 6, 2013
The January 2014 issue will be published on January 10, due to bad weather.

For the Christmas season, we looked all around for that "special" picture -- and came up with a painting by Stanley Brown, the uncle of SilverStringer Norma Staples. Happy holidays, everbody!

Publisher for this issue is Kay McCarte

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Grace Kelly's Pajamas
by Joe Sullivan
... and why can you never get a movie star when you really need one?

A trip, a journey, an adventure. Memories
by Betty Rossi
... I recently read an article in Yankee Magazine, about a woman ...

The Painting
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... tis the season for shopping ...

The short stories of Katherine Mansfield
by Ed Boyd
... "Her touch is certain, her magic timeless."said Trevor.

A quiet time
by Shirley Rabb
...and so it was

I remember: Page 1, Newark News, Dec. 8, 1941
from the SilverStringers
... everything changed -- and nothing changed.

Retrospect: Halloween in Melrose
from Don Norris
... 420 pix of kids and mamas, edited down to, umm, a couple of dozen ...

Life has been one hellova good ride ...
from Don Norris
... we Scouts went AWOL, to Times Square on VE night ...

Enjoy Autumn shadows while they last
from Don Norris
... frost, winter are just around the corner ...

by Carol Nelson
... Happy holidays!

People in the news ... MMTV Group
from the SilverStringers
... a monthly schedule appears pressing ...

Farmers' Market in November? -- it works!
from the SilverStringers
... no words, just pictures of the indoor Farmers' Market at Memorial Hall

Did you know?
by Florence Shea
... The Birds, Yesnid, artificial Christmas tree

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