Motoring the back country ... strange pix

... a monument to crashing motorcycles???

from Don Norris

It was perhaps three, four years ago and I was out on my small-displacement Suzuki dirt bike, making my way north from Melrose to Belmont, New Hampshire - a mere distance of 86 miles, but some 125 while backroading it.

I have no idea where this photo was taken, I saw the image out of the corner of my eye as I sped along the backroad -- turned
around, pulled out my little G-11 backup Canon and took one frame. Then went on my way.

I have no architech's name, no designer's signature, I have no idea who built this beautiful (to me) monument to a great sport.

But here it is, evidence of the strange things one comes across while venturing out on a dirt bike.

For those who know about dirtbikes, I raced a Bultaco Alpina 250 for some ten years, while I was writing for New England Trail Rider Magazine. Lordy, those were the good years. All good things shall pass, however, and by 1982, the biking sensation was done -- at least as I knew it. I still ride a Suzuki DR-200, but it ain't no new Bultaco. That Spanish company  went out of business when that fad died. Too bad.

But I'm happy I shot this photo. It beings back lots of fond memories.

January, 2014

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