Harry & David Company

... a Christmas surprise

by Florence Shea

This year I received a very unexpected Christmas gift. Late Monday afternoon December 23, Fed Ex left a package in the doorway of my apartment building with no signature required. I took it in with the intention of leaving it at the door of the correct neighbor. Well that was not possible. Why? Because the intended recipients, John and Abigail Archer (not real names), moved about twenty years ago. There was a phone number underneath his name in the address label.

I searched the online white pages using that number. It belonged to someone (Peter Archer) in Methuen with the same last name. No I didn't call the number because they would have thought I was some crazy lady. Besides who knows if Peter Archer is related or even knows John & Abigail.

Next step was to call Fed Ex to arrange for a return pickup. The Fed Ex agent had trouble completing my request, so she asked a supervisor. For some reason they were unable to pick up this package. She suggested I open it and keep it for myself or call the sender, Harry and David, about a return.

I tried Harry and David but their customer service line had a message "average wait time is ten minutes, we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of phone calls so your wait time may be longer". After being on hold for about ten minutes I gave up. Then I started thinking who would be paying for return postage. Probably me. No way Jose! Obviously the senders, Gregory (false name) and family have not kept in touch with John and Abigail.

Only one thing to do with the gift. Finders keepers losers weepers. I claimed the gift as mine and opened it. There were 4 pears, 2 apples, 12 oz. bag of double nut granola (crunchy all-natural oats with almonds and pecans), 6oz. Paradise mix dried fruit, and 4 oz. bag roasted almonds all in a nice wicker basket.

Now that's what I call a great gift.

January 3, 2014

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