Here and there, but all about Melrose

... random photos of our favorite home town

from Don Norris

... somewhere near the top of the Wyoming hill, there's this pup waiting for someone that can ride that new

... optical illusion? The photo of the Essex Street Lion above the back door to what used to be Ruderman's Furniture store on Main Street -- if you look at the picture long enough, it appears lop-sided. But no, it is perfectly rectangular.

... some folks call this Pond Number One, othrs say it is Pond Number Three (the maps says), but it is the small body of fresh water in front of the Mount Hood Clubhouse. No swimming, but lots of pretty safe ice skating most of the winter.

... Some thirty years ago, I parked on West Emerson, near Lake, on the way to a Trustees' meeting at our city's main library. The parking sign, which had been nailed to the tree some years before, had been, ah, partially eaten by the tree, and only a small portion of its message was visible -- Two Hour Parking. Not too long after, the sign disappeared altogether. Gone. Eaten by a tree.

... There are some 43 public parks in Melrose, some as large as a triangle at a busy traffic intersection, others as big as the "A" field and Pine Banks. This one, however is the Common, adjacent to Laurel Street where the girls' softball league plays. The largest? Why it's Mount Hood, which features 18 holes of golf, fishing in your choice of four ponds, a marvelous 50-foot stone tower, and hiking through the woods.

... a bird's eye view of downtown, taken from the (former) third floor apartment of SilverStringer Elizabeth Samit, a native of Queens, New York. She wrote of her pad, "I love to see the bustle on Saturday mornings, a contrast to the eery late-night emptiness." The Victorian architecture is typical of the city, which sprang from a farming community to the "Bedroom of Boston" with the construction of the railroad in 1845.

January 3, 2014

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