It's that pesky squirrel again ...

... out for early evening drink

from Don Norris

In winter, most birds fly south, bears hibernate, and the woods seem void of animal life.

But not our squirrels. They stick around all winter long, digging up nuts they've spent the summer burying. In our yard, of course.

Their problem lies in getting water, when it's cold enough to freeze the ponds, brooks and catch basins.

But this little fellow won't starve or go thirsty. He does a good job of aerating our lawn by digging up his buried treasures.
Water sometimes is hard to find, but puddles do appear when there's a mid-winter thaw. Our squirrel found a puddle left from melting snow -- ironically in an old clay plate we put out as a bird-bath several years ago. So when the big thaw came in mid-January, there was water, clean, cold and wet.

He has a nice forest to live in, and seldom goes more than two or three houses away. Our back yard provides a fine crop of hardwoods -- good protection.

I shot the photo with my Canon 60D and a 135mm telephoto lens -- from inside our house, out the back window.

February 7, 2014   

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