Oh Lordy, I really goofed this time ...

... infamous screwups with a fifteen hundred dollar camera ...

from Don Norris

Time: Several years ago (maybe 20); Place: Tanglewood Music Center. Happening: Garrison Keillor and his Prairie Home Companion show.

My wife and I traveled the entire length of Massachusetts to see and hear my favorite radio host, Garrison Keillor and his highly talented group of non-conformists. It was everything I expected, and we paid dearly for down-front seating. At one point I tried to take a photo, but obviously it didn't work -- for all I got is what you see above. Nevertheless, I am proud of my effort, and still have that fuzzy photo, transferred from new computer to new computer every two years.

Mr. Keillor is coming back to Tanglewood, however, scheduled for Saturday, June 38 at 5:45pm

That next June show, by the way, is almost sold out -- I see by looking it up on the net. Tickets start at close to a hundred on the lawn, up to best seats in the house for $300 -- for which four were left on January 30.

Time: About two years ago. Place: The weekly Wednesday afternoon meeting of the SilverStringers, producers of The Melrose Mirror. Place: Milano Senior Center.

I frequently get a sneak pix of our members at these meetings. This one was of Joan Alcala, in front of whose face Editor Joe Sullivan offered a bite of his apple. It never was published, but now that Joan is gone, the pix brings back fond memories of a wonderful person.

Time: Maybe five years ago. A former volleyball pioneer in New England, I volunteer now to take photos of almost every game the Melrose High team plays during their three-month schedule.

Sometimes, forgetfulness happens. Moreso at my age. In this case I arrived late and forgot to reset the camera -- the sensitivity, shutter speed and diaphragm opening. So this is what happens if you don't pay attention. I quickly discovered the error of my ways, made the corrections and went on shoot some 150 frames. Six, maybe eight, usually get used on Doctor Ronald Sen's internet program on local sports.  

That's SilverStringer Louise Fennell, out with a group of camera-people on a very windy, rainy day. It was a "catch-the-mood" thing. And once again, I forgot to reset the camera settings from last night's volleyball game.

This time the settings were spot on, except the subway lurched ahead just as I snapped this crowd shot. Hey, you can't win 'em all.

And finally, I have no idea what happened here, or what the photo was supposed to be. I just plain goofed. Again.

Never-the-less, as an amateur, I do pretty damn well.

February 7, 2014

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