Two great guys

... we have lost two icons in the Melrose Community

by Betty Rossi

How sad, how sad. I recently attended the wake of Tim Moynihan of Melrose's Breads and Bits of Ireland. Such a great guy! A pipe smoking, scone making Irishman, brogue and all! Up at 5:30 a.m., not "to make the donuts", but to wake up the stoves and ovens for the day. Irish stew, good, hot coffee, bread, muffins, scones, you name it. They were all delicious. Then he got tired. They closed up shop. Sad day for Melrose. So many good friends, politicians and those that wanted to be, sat at the tables by the windows and watched the world go by and tried to solve some of its problems. Tim got sick and sadly, now he's gone. He will be remembered by so many of his friends.

The other great guy was Michael Caruso, or Don Michele, as he liked to be called. He was not just the proprietor of Caruso's Restaurant, but a comrade to so many people. He loved to entertain with his accordion and the old Italian songs. He made homemade wine and loved to give a bottle or two to his friends. I only saw white homemade wine. He probably grew his own grapes! His pizza was sometimes outstanding, always depending upon who made it. He would go back to the "old country" as often as he could. His restaurant has been closed since he passed away. Some might think that it is an eye-sore, but it's almost an historic building!

Another friend. Gone, but he'll never be forgotten.

February 7, 2014

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