Tom Dillon, long-time Silver Stringer, dies

... contributed many stories to the Melrose Mirror and provided
photography for many stories that were written by other

by Joe Sullivan

Tom Dillon became a camerman when the Silver Stringers ventured into Melrose TV

Tom Dillon, 89 years old, died at home in Melrose where he had
lived for the last 13 years. Born in Somerville in 1924 he lived in
Wakefield for 50 years before before moving to Melrose. He had
been sick for the last couple of years. The sickness involved
surgery and hospitalization but he would bounce back after
each episode.

One of the surgery's consequences was the loss of his voice
box. He considered the condition an inconvenience and would
carry on conversations by writing on a pad what he wanted to
say. He attended a Silver Stringer meeting only 10 days before
his death. He appeared to be in good health and participated in
the meeting with his usual enthusiasm. His death so shortly
afterward was a shock to the Stringers who had attended the
meeting with him.

He served in the Army Air Corps from 1943 till the war's end. He
was crew and engineer on a B-29 super bomber when it was
first added to the Air Corps. Serving on the B-29 was a
distinction. Considered a dramatic breakthrough in the
development of large, long range bombers it was the only plane
large enough to carry the atomic bomb.

After leaving the service he worked as a driver with both the
Johnsbury and Darcy trucking companies where he was a
proud member of Teamsters local #25. He had an
entrepreneurial spirit and moved on to sales with the Crystal
Meat and Cheese Company in East Boston and eventually
became its president.

He was the past Grand Knight of the Wakefield Knights of
Coloumbus. He lived in Wakefield before moving to Melrose
where he had lived for the past 13 years. He was a member of
the VFW's Harold O'Young Post.

After his funeral Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church in
Wakefield his body was taken to the VA National Cemetery in
Bourne where he was interred with military honors.  

February 7, 2014

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