Tom was still with us, there at Turners.

... one last cocktail ...

from Don Norris

Yeah, you're right: another article on a member of the SilverStringers who
has just gone on to a new life. Trouble is, he left us here, behind, not
quite alone -- but dis-spirited, sad, teary-eyed.

Yes Tom died. Everybody knew his days were numbered, for at 89 he was
suffering from cancer of the throat. In an effort to save him, the medical
people at Mass General removed his voice-box, leaving him speechless but
certainly not unheard from. He continued his work with the Stringers,
scribbling out brief comments on his electronic slate-board.

It seems strange to me, to us, that a person who has added so much to all
our lives, has to be taken away. Without being able to talk, it wasn't at
all easy for Tom, but he came back to work with a big smile on his face.

The Stringers went as a large group to the visiting hours at Gately's, and
when we got there, the line of well-wishers extended out the front door and
down the street. He was, if nothing else, prolific, leaving us with a bunch
of daughters and sons and grandchildren and of course his wife, Mary-- all
of whom were lovely, gracious, and smiling to see us -- even under such

After the visit half the Stringers walked down to MMTV to work up a new
television program, while the other half went over to Turners, sat at the
bar and consoled each other. Tom was with us, drinking a soda-pop. Mine was
a martini.

February 7, 2014

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