What attracts your artistic eye

... while going through some old drawing pads

from Don Norris

No story here. This is just something I saw while out scouting for places and things to paint, to draw -- things that attracted my attention. Some 30 years ago.

This is a good one. I don't know where I saw it, but, as I recall, it was a working whirligig.

As the breezes blew, the propeller turned, which (I think) was linked with wires to the lady above. Her cut-out body was in two parts, the top half linked to the propeller. As the wind blew she bent over, up and down continually.

In her hands was the baby boy, who was dunked into the wash tub, up and down, up and down, up and down. The faster the wind blew, the faster the boy got his daily dunking.

I didn't photograph it. But I did draw it in my sketchbook.

Come to think of it, the plan to dunk the kid as the propeller turner -- was my idea, and I spent hours trying to make the link work -- on paper.


February 7, 2014

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