... with all of the memories

by Betty Rossi

            With all of the                             memories and people
          that touched our                           hearts this month, we
        seem to have forgotten                     that February is the month
    of Valentines! Especially the            chocolate ones! The romantic or
   the sentimental, old fashioned or homemade... even heart-shaped cookies
  ..... we never included a picture or a crumb or a sentiment. I love the old
  fashioned ones with the lace all around the edges.I remember when we were
 in school, especially in the younger grades,the teachers would make a box
 that was decorated in hearts and crepe paper, sealed with just a slit on the
 top of the box, and we all had to bring in Valentines for our "secret loves".
    You could hardly wait to see if your secret admirer would bring in
       a special Valentine for you. I can remember pretending that
              I really didn't mind if my first grade "true love"
                 didn't give me a really mushy card, but gave
                    me one with a cowboy and Indian on it.
                          I wanted one with Cupid and his
                               and arrow. I treasured the
                                  cowboy card and
                                      moved on.

                             Those were the good old days!
                                 Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day all!

February 7, 2014

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