Close-up and vibrant

... nature's way of making life colorful

from Don Norris

Here's something to brighten up your gray days ... backyard photos left over from last year's crop: Beauty is everywhere.

These sticks were cut to be carved and stained walking sticks -- I already had about three dozen.


This is a study of greens. First, there are the strong greens of summer in the background. Then there is a really strange green on the gray bark of our oak tree  -- perhaps a growth of some kind. The tree doesn't seem to mind.

I should be able to identify this tree from its leaves, but no, I forgot all the Scout stuff. But again, it's the colors that make this photo.

Uummmm ... a rich, deep purple against a batch of rich green leaves.

And finally, the rich green of our forsythia bushes, offset by a couple of truncated mustard-colored stems.

March 7, 2014

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