Deerest One ... caught on camera

... caught in the act

from Flo Shea, Shirley Rabb, and Don Norris

It was 'cross the country, and SilverStringer Florence Shea was on vacation, visiting relatives - - when this young moose (it was really a young doe) wandered into the garden -- for a free, cultured, vitamin-rich meal. The locale, strangely enough, was Whidbey Island, near Seattle.

We (Don and Lorry Norris) almost ran this one down. It happened in the Rockies, about a hundred miles southwest of Denver, at 9000 feet. We were passing though Cripple Creek and Victor, to take the forest road that follows the old, abandoned railroad south to Canon City. Exciting, treacherous, scary, exciting, beautiful, adventurous, seemingly endless at about ten miles an hour. Go there.

SilverStringer Shirley Rabb goes wild -- with her camera when wildlife struts into her yard, down to Maine. Here are a few samples of her quick trigger-finger:

Page two of Shirley's montage:

I was motorcycling the road beside the Merrimack River, not too far from it's estuary beyond Newburyport. And I came across this herd of buffaloes, all taking a nap in the summer sun. Humm! Buffaloes in New England. Unheard of!

Llamas, llamas, llama! The ranch was full of 'em. This place was some 8000 feet high in the Rockies, about due west of Colorado Springs. One had escaped, for we found its remains on the mountain road thru the national forest, some 40 miles south of Cripple Creek. About the only thing left was that rich, luscious fur pelt.

Dead llama.

Downtown Salida, Colorado. This youngster is obviously looking for companionship of that gray buffalo.

Downtown Denver, wild game.

March 7, 2014

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