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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- March 7, 2014

Florence Shea pretty much runs things for the SilverStringers -- like serving as treasurer, notifying members of special needs and meetings, keeping things in order -- but a photographer -- she is not. At least until she made a major effort, during one of our recent snow storms. She trudged out into the cold, camera in hand, and took some 15 or 20 shots of her neighborhood -- the southern end of Pleasant Street. She subsequently sent them all to the board for editing -- a major operation with Adobe Photoshop. And from her 16 submissions, we got this one. Nice job, Flo.

Florence Shea

Publisher for this issue is the full board.

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Deerest One ... caught on camera
from Flo Shea, Shirley Rabb, and Don Norris
... caught in the act

Politically connected
by Joe Sullivan
... how my grass roots contacts enabled me to hit the big time in State politics.

Just be nice
by Betty Rossi
... It's Lent. Forty days before Easter

From an 8-man tent to a hilltop cape ...
from Don Norris
... the saga of some 14 homes

Theological reflections of a four year old.
by Joe Sullivan
... reviewing the terrible sins committed while living at Nana's house.

Close-up and vibrant
from Don Norris
... nature's way of making life colorful

350 Washington Street
by Ed Boyd
... our house for thirty-seven years

On Nostalgia, who remembers Rowe's?
from Don Norris
... they ran out of rock, replaced it with brick

My home, my home
by Betty Rossi
... While my Mom and Dad were wallpapering

Life in 10-year steps
from Don Norris
... everything (except carving, painting, shooting, and a half dozen other activities) lasts ten years ...

My home since we were married ...
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... I came to this house as a bride ...

I've never moved
by Kay McCarte
... I've haven't lived anywhere else...

The Ultimate way to save on, ah, ice?
from Don Norris
... taking advantage of winter itself!

Did you know?
by Florence Shea
... Compsognathus, clams, Pope Johann XII

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