Spring, the sea gulls and the ocean

... the exhilaration, the stimulation, the freedom

by Casa

It has been a long winter for me. One of my parents no longer lives at home. She is in a place
called a rest home right here in Melrose. My other parent had something done to her knee; a
replacement or something. My walking time has been in the back yard for almost 3 months. Now
there is nothing wrong with the back yard to do what I have to do a few times a day. The yard is
also big enough so I could walk around and check out what might be under the snow or trees, but
it really isnít out.

Finally last month my parent,(with the knee thing) drove to Maine with a friend and me. After a
day of rest at our house in Maine, we took the ride to Wells, Maine and the ocean the next day.
Now it was the ocean, the rocks, the wide open space to run and swim and chase the birds. The
tide was low, far away and beyond the large area of rocks. But you all know that this did not
deter me for I was unleashed and running again. Regarding the huge area of rocks, my parentís
friend said that they were put there to help preserve the dunes. Now I do not know what a dune
is, but she pointed to the small sandy hills with grasses growing towards the back of the beach
area; so maybe those areas are dunes.

I did go to inspect these dunes, left my mark but continued to check out the beach for things
that have been here all winter. There are shells open and closed, small colored pebbles and
stones of different shapes. There were footprints of humans and dogs and a feeling that this
place will always be here.

I had to stop to get leashed because another dog with his parents was coming along the beach and
he was leashed. I think humans should understand that dogs unleashed on a beach probably would
only sniff each other and talk briefly about the first time out and be on their own way to explore
more of the sand and surf. My leash came off as soon as we were out or range of the other couple
and their dog.

Only one seagull today ,but there were 4 or 5 ducks in the water that I went to explore. The
ducks did not seem to mind my being there because they were out beyond my swimming skills in
this rough tide. The water was cold on my feet and belly but this is the ocean and this is
Maine, and this is fun.

Spring is here and until the summer comes and the tourists take over the beaches I will be able
to run and swim and forget about the winter past.

I wish humans had as much fun on the beach as I do.

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