Beating Spring by a day ...

... a Florida refugee blooms in a Melrose home

from Lorry Norris

We beat Spring by one day, Lorry Norris told us.

It was March 19 when she pointed out this new little bloom, tucked away in the corner
of the porch window. The beautiful-but-small impatien (we think) at one time grew at
Aunt Ola's garden, outside of Pensacola, Florida. Aunt Ola gave her sister (Ruth
Norris) a cutting, which Ruthie brought back to her new home in Melrose,
Massachusetts. The time was 1947.

Since then, this little flower has bloomed annually in the frigid winter of New
England -- now in the 'newroom' of the Norrises, on Spear Street. The photo was taken
for the official welcoming of Spring on March 20.

April 4, 2014

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