Lobsta! Lobsta! Lobsta!

... while my mother was still alive, she had a hankering

by Betty Rossi

While my mother was still alive, she had a hankering for boiled, live lobster. So, because I love lobster also, off I went to the fish monger in Maplewood Square in Malden. While I was gone, my Mom was to get out the pan and cover, so that when I got back, we could put the lobsters right into the water. Easier said than done.

When I got back to Crescent Avenue with two very alive lobsters in a brown paper bag and I tried to give the bag to my mom, she said no way could she put them into the water. She thought that I was going to do it and I told her that there was no way that I could put them into boiling water!

While we were trying to decide who would do the "dirty deed", one of the lobsters moved in the bag. I got nervous and the lobster fell onto the floor! Now, we didn't know what to do. The lobster wasn't about to walk back into the bag. My Mom couldn't pick it up and neither could I. By now, the lobster is bouncing like heck on the kitchen floor trying to get away and the two of us were crying and laughing hysterically, not knowing what to do with this creature.

Have you ever tried to pick up a crazed lobster with plastic salad tongs and put it into a pot of boiling water? What a disaster! The lobster finally went into the water, probably sideways, and the other one, we just shook out of the bag into the water, poor thing. I never boiled another live lobster for over thirty years!

When my daughter and I were telling my grandchildren the story of "big Nana's" lobsters, they said that they would like to try lobster. I immediately informed them that there was no way on this earth that they could get me to try to cook live lobsters ever again. No problem, they informed me. They said that they would put the lobsters into the water and that they wouldn't even mind holding them. Well, guess what! Every one of us had a reaction to the feel of the lobsters. I melted the butter. The lobsters were boiled without a disaster and they were really delicious!

Talk about making memories!

April 4, 2014

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