What are you thinking, Casa?

... does time make a difference for a dog

Shirley Rabb

When we get into the car and there is no passenger that will have a lap for you to sit on, what are you thinking?

When you bark at the window and I shout “NO” are you looking around for your other parent to protect you?

When I lie down on the couch and you jump up beside me, because there is space, what are you thinking?

When I sit down to eat and you come close beside the empty chair to be patted, and told that you are a “good girl”, what are you thinking?

When we go to Maine and you have the whole couch to yourself.

When I come home and you welcome me with happy sounds and then look behind me for another person; what are you thinking?

When we go to visit the missing parent at the rest home, do you remember her touch on your back as she smiles with your company?

And when it is time for bed and you lay at the foot of the bed and look at the empty pillow do you miss her too?

April 4, 2014

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