Driscoll, Stringers get note at Northeastern

... former Globe editor featured in new publication

from Northeastern University

(Editors' note: Jack Driscoll, former editor of the Boston Globe and long-time advisor to the SilverStringers, was the subject of a feature in the new Northeastern University publication called  "The College of Arts, Media and Design".

"In 1996, Driscoll helped form the Silver Stringers, a group of retirees who publish The Melrose Mirror, an online monthly featuring stories and images culled from their lives in his hometown. 'They’re probably the oldest internet publishing group in the world, if you can believe that,' he said. Though their numbers are dwindling, the original members are now in their 80s.

“We’ve affected the lives of some 125 writers and photographers that have worked for us as part of the organization over the past 17 years,” said Donald R. Norris, one of the original members. “It’s just a marvelous opportunity to express yourself.”  

See more at: http://www.northeastern.edu/camd/blog/2014/04/passion-in-practice/#sthash.EFAv0Ift.dpuf

May 2, 2014

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