Random Thoughts

Dining out

... appearances may be misleading

by Carol Nelson

It was early and the restaurant was on the empty side when we arrived. We were seated across from a youngish looking couple with a brand new baby, in a carrier that all babies have these days.

We had almost finished eating when the father of the baby asked if we had been married a long time. He tossed out a guess: "Thirty-five years? More?"

I was quick to answer that "No, no, no, only friends of six months." I asked "Is this your first baby?" "Oh no, we have two in high school and one in middle. This baby is a surprise!" We all laughed and I continued to glance back occasionally as the  baby slept.

It was a nice moment. A friendly moment of reaching out and communicating. Talking with strangers seems so easy. There are no emotional ties.

But I couldn't help thinking about what was said about thirty-five years of marriage. Did he think it was because we didn't have any conversation together?

Did we look like people who had run out of things to say? Or had we already spoken too much about toxic exes, problem children, lost loves and the unfixable problems that life dishes out?

We all said goodbye as Mom, Dad and little Valentino left.

May 2, 2014

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