Memories of my mother

... lunches with MOM

Louise Fennell

I remember picnic lunches with her on warm summer afternoons. I would drive to one of
our favorite spots in Gloucester where we would look at the water and the small boats
tied to moorings.

She would make ham and cheese sandwiches (Krakus imported baked ham and Land of Lakes
white cheese sliced thin) with lettuce, tomatos from the garden sliced thick and Cain's
mayonnaise on "nothing bread". We called it "nothing bread" because it contained no
sugar and no salt. She had reached a time in her life when she couldn't eat sugar
because of diabetes or salt because of high blood pressure.
The bakery around the corner made this special bread with no sugar or salt and still a
modicum of flavor. I used to stop there every few days and buy her a loaf. I never
bought it for myself because that would have spoiled the specialness of having it with
The bakery is gone now and so is she. Lunching with God. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

May 2, 2014

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