Melrosians honor their veterans: The marchers

... some 40 vets chose to march

from the SilverStringers

<(Editor's note: The Stringers ended their day of the Parade with some 150 photos -- the marchers, the people, the wchool children .. so we had to break the theme into separate pieces -- that is, grouping the several pages of photos.)

It was a perfect day for a parade, for the speeches, for the town and its many Veterans.

The parade started at the Fire Station, proceeded down Main, through downtown, to Sylvan, where the group settled in at the Veterans Knoll.

While only about a mile long, there were well over 2000 Melrosians lining Main Street, cheering as the vets, at the head of the parade, marched by.

The organizers held a service at the Veterans' lot in Wyoming Cemetery, then moved on the Knoll, where our deceased members are resting.

It was -- always is -- a moving ceremony. The field of veterans' graves grows annually, and the lot spreads in order. It is a quiet, comforting place.

June 6, 2014

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