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Steve Johnson, The Arizona Stringer

Please consider the following piece for publication in the next issue of the Melrose Mirror. When I received Dave's Korea story, I suggested to him that he should submit it to the Mirror for publication. He agreed that that would be a good idea but admitted that he has no idea as to how to submit an article and/or who to send it to. I agreed to send it for him.

I suggest that you include the following paragraph as an introduction as to who Dave Powers is and his connection to Melrose, but be sure to give author's credit to Dave; he's the one who wrote the story.

My old Melrose friend, Dave Powers, inspired by Joe Sullivan's "No More Mr Nice Guy" piece in the May Mirror issue, also has some dark memories of his time in the ROK. I've known Dave since our 1st grade meeting at Lincoln school in 1943. We both graduated from MHS in 1955.

I went into the USAF that same year and Dave joined the army in 1958. We both returned safely in 1959. Dave went on to graduate from Boston College in the early 1960s and enjoyed a successful career as an educator. He is now retired and lives in Windham, NH. He can be contacted at e-mail address:


Dave contributed an article entitled "Baseball In Melrose, as it was in the '50s" which was published in the February 2013 issue of the Mirror.
Click here to read it.

June 6, 2014

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