Stay-cation boating beats the heat

... taking a summer safari on nearby ponds and lakes

by Debbi Collar


Nestled within Boston's surrounding communities are many treasures. Spot
Pond in Stoneham, Ell Pond in Melrose and Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield
offer opportunities for photographers, walking for hikers, fishing, biking and

Waiting for boaters to arrive is the easiest of tasks for the day for employees of boatingboston.com.  Just minutes after opening on Spot Pond,customers were eager to take advantage of a beautiful day on the water.  

It was Anna Vennochi of Melrose who first welcomed the boaters and Carolyn
Ryan kept busy assisting with getting the boats ready for their  vacation
voyage around the Middlesex Reservation's "Spot Pond."


Just a few miles from Spot Pond is Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield. Chris and Connor were on hand to assist their customers with the rental of the colorful boats of their choice. One couple shared a pedal boat.  

Also on Lake Quannapowitt sailboats were catching the wind. The Lake
Quannapowitt Yacht Club holds classes for new sailors. Experienced sailors
at the helm educate the novices.

As summer vacation nears an end with so many schools adopting a
policy of returning to their classrooms in August, parents and children alike
should consider spending as much remaining quality vacation time together
as possible.

If vacations in far away places, do not meet your budget, consider New
England's treasures.  Boating is just a short jaunt away whether you choose a
lake or a pond.  When choosing summertime fun in the sun or choosing a
new educational activity on the water, be safe and enjoy what is left of
vacation time right here in New England.

August 1, 2014

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