Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

If you havenít used it for a year, do you dispose of it? THIS is the unwritten rule for NOT keeping STUFF. We are all guilty of keeping STUFF that we donít use or need, thatís stored away in closets and boxes. Itís difficult letting go of our STUFF for many reasons, like memories of the past, sentimental reasons, STUFF passed on to us from others, STUFF saved for our kids (that they will never want), etc.  Some of us conscientiously go through our STUFF periodically and STILL keep most of it. We just canít say goodbye to our STUFF. A good time to get rid of our STUFF is when we move, however, we usually donít have time to go through our STUFF during the move so we pack it up and take it with us. When we unpack, our STUFF is placed in a similar spot, i.e. closet, basement, etc., in the new house and stays there in the same packing boxes all ready for the next move. Perhaps, we should have the people who will ďinheritĒ our STUFF go through it someday and keep just the things THEY want, reducing our
ďvaluableĒ STUFF by at least 90%.

July 4, 2014

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