Like, we don't have enough turtles ...

... new member provides a new look at life on Ell Pond ...

from Debbi Collar

Our new writer, Debbi Collar, is a semi-retired journalist who still has that urge to write good stories and take good photos despite the loss of a paycheck. Like her turtle thing above, she enjoys shooting the wildlife that frequents Ell Pond -- ducks, geese, turtles and swan families. Actually our new Stringer is a resident of Saugus, but her home is a matter of a few blocks of Melrose. Her biggest problem is learning "Pluto" which is the Stringers operating system, born at the Media Lab at MIT some 18 years ago. The program gets modified frequently to keep up with the rest of the electronic world, and Debbi is working hard to learn the system. Our group is happy to welcome her.

July 4, 2014

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