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Thoughts while shaving


Which of the ologists do you have? Of course you do. Everyone has an ologist, or two, or three.  There are hundreds of them that run the gamut from Algologist to Zoologist. OK!! You may not have a Zoologist but how about a Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Rheumatologist, Endocrinologist, Anesthesiologist, Gastroenterologist (notice how the names get longer!!). An ologist is defined as the study of a subject; a branch of learning?? Seems like they’d be a better definition than THAT with such long names!!...How about that oologist?  A branch of the Ornithologists that studies bird eggs, bird’s nests, and breeding behavior.  Oohh!!...it sounds so exciting!!  You may have a Gynecologist or a Proctologist. Don’t ask them about an ear infection or an ingrown toe nail. They don’t do ears or toes, just “unmentionables”. You need an Otolaryngologist for your ear and a Podiatrist for your toe. “Trists” are topic for another time. Whatever happened to the names, Ear, nose and throat specialist and the foot doctor? Trying to separate ologists from each other may require a Psychologist or, better still, the MIxologist, a bartender.

December 5,2014

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