Random Thoughts


... belated diary entry from Elsie


by Carol Nelson

It has come to my attention that I have been neglectful as a diarist. Life is hectic. If it's not one thing... it's your Mother.

SWMBT brought home a house guest last week: small, yellow, and twittering: Daisy. You can just imagine my extreme agitation! What could she be thinking? One's schedule, one's bastion of serenity, discombobulated. Really! That creature got on my last nerve.

At first I simply ignored her. But then, she started to call out to me and I just couldn't bear it.  I let her know in very firm directives that I was not interested in her mindless tweeting. When she continued to twerp I looked at her askance, sniffed and turned my back.

Today I was relieved to see her cage had been removed from the premises.  I can go on in my usual singular fashion.

August 1, 2014  

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